Q: Has this car done anything famous?

A: Our photos of this car are used by Universal Licensing for this t-shirt.

Q: Was this car featured in the film?

A: No, this is a replica that has been around since 1998. The car is always undergoing refinements to bring it as close to screen accurate as possible.

Q: How is the car transported to the event location?

A: This car has a 0-mile high performance engine and we enjoy working it out by driving to our destinations.

Q: Can guest time travellers sit in the car?

A: Of course! Both driver’s seat and passenger seats are available.

Q: Do you have other props?

A: Remote control (for driving the DeLorean at the mall with a dog inside), hoverboard, future glasses, protective radiation gear, aviators, 1985 JVC videocamera, and more…

Q: Do you have an hourly rate?

A: For local events we may be able to negotiate an hourly rate on a case by case basis.

Q: Did you do all of this yourself?

A: A time machine enthusiast in Florida did the initial build. After purchasing the car from him we’ve been adding and updating time machine parts to make it more screen-accurate ever since. Read more about our flagship car’s origin by clicking here.

Q: Does the flux capacitor– flux?

A: Many of the interior time machine gadgets do light up, some are animated, and some have sound. The car is constantly in a state of being upgraded, so if you want to know specifics feel free to contact us.

Q: I want to rent a time machine but you are really far away from me.

A: We know many time machine replica owners throughout the world and can provide you with their contact information.

Q: Is this sucker nuclear?

A: No. This sucker is electrical and runs off regular unleaded fuel.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

A: While on the road we met a fan who had a flux capacitor tattoo on his leg.

Q: What do bystanders ask you?

A: Here are some good ones we’ve been asked: Does the engine run cold? What does all this stuff do? [insert cocaine joke here]? Is this the real car? Can this car really time travel? Where’s the flux capacitor?

Q: What’s the first rule of Fight Club?

A: You do not talk about Fight Club.

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